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Houston Bernard has an interesting story and one we were more than happy to ask about. Something told us there was more than this entertainer than meets the eye. From a musical family background and roots that have ties with the Wild Bunch and an energy and excitement that comes through in his songs and videos, it is no surprise the band is having success with their latest release. Houston Bernard has all the markings of an entertainer that will leave his footprint in country music.

Nashville Buckle: What made you want to perform and write songs and when did you realize this is what you wanted to do?

Houston Bernard: I was born into a musical family and have always performed as early as I can remember. My Dad and Uncle were known as the rebel brothers in Nashville they played in bands for Tanya Tucker, Dave Dudley, Wanda Jackson and more. Reba Recorded one of my uncles songs. But, I didn’t start playing country music full time until a few years ago. I guess I was rebelling a bit myself.

NB: Who are your biggest musical influences?

HB: Tough call, Im constantly being influenced and inspired by new and older artists with writing and performing. But I would lean toward Dwight Yoakam, Elvis Presley and Bruce Springsteen.

NB: Where do you get inspiration to write your songs? Is there any one song that is especially personal to you?

HB: I get inspired by my life or stories I hear or just wanting to tell a story that will encourage having a good time. Our single, “Home is in your Arms” is a very personal song to me.

NB: Is there one or two songs you have written or co-written that are your favorites?

HB: On our new album, “Knockin’ Boots” There are a bunch of songs that I really like. “Knockin’ Boots” is a very fun song and “Ready to Leave” is a personal song as well both written by myself and Patrick Dalton (drummer in the HBB).

NB: Tell us a little about your single “Home Is In Your Arms” and the success it has had for you.

HB: I guess its a familiar story with musicians and anyone that has to travel or be away from their loved ones. People seem to be responding to it, we just released it in September and we are getting some plays all over the world. We really appreciate it. We are surprised on its success up to this point and we hope it keeps catching on and inspiring people.

NB: You have an interesting story. One that includes the Wild Bunch and your father and uncle’s involvement with music. Tell us a little about that.

HB: Well, I was born in Oklahoma, my great grandfather “George Bittercreek Newcomb” was an outlaw in Oklahoma area and ran with the Doolin Gang, Dalton Gang, Wild Bunch and James Gang. It is an interesting history and I find some inspiration there. My uncle and father played country music their whole lives and had some success. I look to them for inspiration as well and I hope I can represent the Bernard’s well to make them proud.

NB: If you could co-write a song or perform a duet with any country music artist, who would that be and why?

HB: Miranda Lambert without question. She is great, I love her music and she is also from Oklahoma.

NB: You have a really fun video for your song “Yoga Pants.” Is there a story behind this song? Tell us where the idea for the song and video came from.

HB: Everyone loves yoga pants for their own reasons, I wanted to write a song about them because it just hasnt been done country yet and sales increase 50% every year so it is a timely topic and a personal favorite of mine. I worked with Mary Haller and Patrick Dalton to write the song and the Houston Bernard Band all contributed to writing, direction, filming and editing the video.

NB: Is there any event or instance that stands out as a highlight in your music career thus far and what can we expect in the future from Houston Bernard?

HB: A highlight so far is sharing the stage with so many great artists like Old Dominion, Parmalee, Pure Prairie League, Kristian Bush and so many more. We have been very lucky and we work hard. We are writing more and building our team, expanding and building relationships with some great people who enjoy what we are doing. We appreciate every day.

NB: Is there anything in particular you would like to tell your fans and nashvillebuckle.com readers?

HB: Thank you for the support, definitely check out the new album, get on our mailing list we will be coming to your town to party with you very soon!

Be sure to connect with the band via social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter as well as the band’s official website. Don’t forget to subscribe to their mailing list and catch them performing live on a stage near you. We want to thank Houston Bernard for taking the time to chat with us!